Ajuma has appeared on (B.E.T.) Black Entertainment Television, ABC Channel 2, CBS Channel 4, NBC Channel 5 and numerous radio programs highlighting critical issues facing the plight of at-risk youth. Currently, a weekly television talk show host discussing issues vital to the community and is a popular guest lecturer and campus speaker regarding the plight of African-American youth. Ajuma has been the recipient of numerous local, national and distinguish service awards for outstanding leadership with African-American youth.

 "Ajuma has boldly reached out to extend a hand to his brothers in need. He has shown a number of once troubled youth that they have much to be proud of and many positive options. Honored for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of St. Louisans as founder and executive director of the Association of African-American Role Models."

--Page One Civic Award - The St. Louis Newspaper Guild.

"Young, gifted and black, one of the most dynamic and charismatic speakers in the nation. Through his lectures, Ajuma is motivating youth to achieve the highest level of excellence possible. Ajuma has exploded across the nation as an advocate and a voice for the youth of America, in defense of those who are unable to speak for themselves."

--Riverfront Times Newspaper

 "Your approach is forthright and your message very clear. These are rare qualities in a world where appearance is often more important than substance. The message is uncomfortable because it asks us to look honestly at ourselves, leaving little room to 'bob & weave'. However meaningful change probably cannot come in any other way."

--N.A.A.C.P. Joplin Missouri

African-American Role Models Banquet Honoring our Youth
Dr. Father Maurice Nutt & Myself Awardee Recipient African-American Role Models Banquet