The Rudiments of Racial Self-Hatred in the

 African-American Community and its Systemic Impact

on Black Boys

The early Europeans beginning with the advent of Christopher Columbus worked hard to develop a system of racial superiority and racial dominance over the darker people of the world. They found Native Americans already living in America and proclaimed a need to civilize the so-called heathens in America.  They showed their gratitude to the Native Americans with the wholesale genocide and slaughtering of millions of Native Americans.

Their feelings of racial superiority and dominance were predicated on the white man's need to control and subdue other nationalities based upon the premise that somehow God had bestowed upon them a position of authority over the rest of the world.  They understood that concept to mean that somehow they were to rule and control the world. This pathological and sociopathic way of thinking continues to prevail with many whites and in their interaction with people of color even today.

Many whites will tell you that they're not racist or a racist however when it comes to economic parity or the idea of reparations to African-Americans for the wrongs that were committed by their ancestors a different side of them typically emerges. It was displaced Africans who was forced against their will and brought to America chained in boats that made America great through free labor. America has yet to offer an official apology for the enslavement of millions of displaced Africans brought to America against their will.

Now what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?  It has everything to do with the price of tea in China. The system of white racism has created a backlash throughout the world and backward thinking on the part of many whites who feel their role in life is to rule and/or control people of color. White racism has fostered the notion that whites are superior and somehow that blacks are inferior which is further compounded and perpetuated by mainstream media. The media works daily to ensure racial dominance by portraying blacks in position of servitude and whites in position of power and control.

The history of American reveals that the five most powerful European images that many white Americans hold dear to their heart are the following:  George Washington the first president of this country who demonstrated his gratitude to the African slave by fathering 22 illegitimate black children which now days would be considered rape. This is the same president that once sold a black man for a bottle of molasses.

The second most powerful image in America is the so-called benevolent Abraham Lincoln who is reported to have freed the slaves. The reality of the situation reveals that the abolishment of slavery was purely based upon the economics of the South and not on the moral or good nature of Mr. Lincoln.

The third most powerful or significant image is the notion that somehow Christopher Columbus discovered America with millions of Native Americans already living in America.  It sounds like they found him instead of good ole Columbus discovering them.  In actuality he was lost on his way to Spain and happen to end up in America.


The fourth most powerful or significant image is that of Santa Claus or what I like to refer to as Satan clause. People throughout the world are taught to believe that somehow a benevolent white man is going to come down their chimney to bring toys on the 25th, of December.  This fairytale notion is accepted by many African-Americans and people of color which further reinforces the idea that their savior is a white man.  This serves as another psychological tool to further mis-educate and mis-inform the masses.

The fifth most powerful image is that of the white Jesus. This is the greatest story ever sold not told.  The psychological symbols were to create a mindset of racial dominance since all of them are white. The subtle message here is that the white man is GOD.

These symbols reinforce white dominance and racial inferiority. These larger-than-life symbols have damaged the psychic of the African-American community. It conditioned African-Americans to always view themselves in a negative light while always holding white people in high regards.  Blacks now find themselves using the N - Word and referring to their women as bitches and whores. These expletives now find themselves in the daily interactions of many black Americans and have now become socially acceptable.

The psychological impact of this devastation opened the door for whites and others to come into the black community and provide goods and services because blacks have been conditioned to believe that whites could provide better services than them in their own community. How crazy is that?  Many so-called educated blacks who obtained their European degrees of so-called higher learning have also been brainwashed into believing that the white man's ice is somehow colder than their own.

Many African-Americans who obtain higher education degrees fail to realize or accept why their not permitted into the Ivory Towers of academia not fully understanding that this society has been primarily designated for whites only.  Too often when blacks achieve a level of success they become apologetic for a system of white racism that benefits the 6% of whites who control 94% of the wealth in America versus the 94% of Americans trying to capture the 6% of the wealth that is left.

Blacks have been conditioned by a social system that fosters white racism and black inferiority on every level of human existence in America.  Black folks will tell you that these concepts are baseless and without merit yet their patronage for goods and services are driven by their desire to integrate in social festive holidays which are rooted in paganism, i.e., Christmas, Easter but called themselves liberated at the expense of their own financial demise.

This insatiable desire to be integrated into the white man's system has blinded African-Americans from having the cultural foundation necessary that other races enjoy and use as a cultural mechanism to empower themselves from the cultural exploitation of others.  Malcolm X, once said that a race without the knowledge of its history is like a tree without roots. Ruth Shay, civil rights activists believed that when you didn't know that you had been spit upon- that it didn't matter what else you thought you knew.

Modern-day media has convinced our black youth through scores of negative images that they are thugs, hustlers and lowlife individuals. There are videogames now that promote drive-by shootings, cage fighting, carjacking and constantly use the N-word. Many black youth believe that life began with their arrival into the world and that a $150 pair of Jordan tennis shoes, an Xbox with a pair of pants 3 to 4 sizes too big is what makes them a man instead of opting to invest in education.  Our young men are languishing in prisons; dropping out of school and choosing lifestyles that are contrary to their very existence. The dropout rate has reached epidemic proportions followed by a rise in AIDS and HIV.

 In Conclusion

Black men must step up to the plate and begin to take more responsibility for their overall care and development of our young black boys. We must become father figures to our children and strive to be role models at every turn.  We must develop family values that are consistent with the rise and liberation of our people. We must begin to value the importance of education and understand that our enemies fought day and night to keep us illiterate. We must become culturally enriched and develop a sense of pride in ourselves. The European value system is contrary to the laws of God. We must teach our youth to have pride in their race and to believe in themselves.  We must teach them that the image of the white man being God was used as a weapon of mass destruction to further indoctrinate people of color. We must teach them how to recognize racism and discrimination along with effective strategies for dealing with it. We must teach them to learn, live and love the skin that they are in. They must become empowered and independent while working to eliminate excuses in order to be successful in this world.