Diversity 101:  How Our Ignorance Harms US


I have been conducting workshops, seminars and diversity trainings all over the country and have found one common thread to be true among most of the major corporations that I deal with which is the following:

  • I have offered diversity training workshops all over the country that challenge white people along with the various other ethnic groups about their racial prejudices, biases and commonly held misconceptions about the other.  My workshops are experiential learning workshops where the participant's belief system is challenged in a way that spawns learning and personal growth which results in greater sensitivity in the workplace coupled with greater workforce cooperation.
  • White folks are on the top and black folks and other minorities are on the bottom.  White folks are the major stake holders and for the lack of a better word 'call the shots'.  They live in a world that is insulated and myopic where the white male is dominate and everybody else is considered to be inferior are less than and run around in it.  The irony in all of this is that African-Americans and other minorities walk around with a sense of inordinate fear that mentally restricts them from being able to speak up and address the lack of employment opportunities for other qualified minority applicants.  African-Americans tend to develop a mental paralysis due to fear of reprisal, job loss and become silent in the face of overt and systemic racism that occurs on a daily basis thereby making them complicit in their own demise.
  • White folks are in major denial and never think about the job ratio of whites to minorities until someone brings it to their attention and forces them to see the disparity in the workplace.  Oftentimes, I hear white people say that I didn't know we had a problem here.  "I thought that everything was ok and the 1 or 2 African-Americans out of two hundred that we have in our company seem to be just fine because they never complain about anything therefore we didn't know we had racial problems." 
  • Diversity means that the working environment is composed of various ethnic groups other than Caucasian.  Many major corporations that I have dealt with personally tell me that they can't find any qualified minority candidates to hire.  A closer look at things reveal that the white applicant wasn't qualified either however the subjective preference that we call discretion that every  employer uses before hiring an applicant seems to almost always be in the favor of the white applicant even when their qualifications are substantially lower than the minority applicant.   
  • Mainstream media has been instrumental in perpetuating stereotypes that prevents the races from being able to work and interact with each other in any kind of meaningful way.  If you go to your computer and use the search engine called goggle to research the various stereotypes held by different ethnic groups--you'll find that each group has been designated a number of negative stereotypes that America has come to define them as.  The irony in all of this is that Caucasians are the only group that doesn't have negative stereotypes associated with their race and they are ones who created the stereotypes about others.  
  • Companies and corporations should reflect the communities that they serve relative to employment and employment opportunities.  I have seen and witness with my own eyes that more times than not that ethnic minorities are the lowest paid, first fired, last to be hired and represent the lowest percentage ethnically than any other racial group in the workplace although the business is driven by an inordinate amount of patronage by African-Americans.
  • The nature of all human beings and all living creatures is to love and be loved.  When we are allowed to do that in an environment that doesn't constrict us because of our color the humanness of our existence emerges forward. 

  • Let me show you how to create greater workforce cooperation and creativity that yields higher employee production along with harmony in the workplace.  This reduces workplace tension while allowing freedom of expression and greater sensitivity among the races.