The Black Man's Responsibility


1.            Fish teach fish how to swim. Birds teach birds how to fly. Black men must teach black boys how to become black men. Black boys learn from the examples in front of them. The father should play a vital role in the child's development.


2.            Many black boys desire to be like their fathers. If the father has a positive self-image and lives his life as a positive example, it is easy for the son to emulate the ways of the father.  If the father is absent for whatever reason, it becomes customary for the son to follow the ways of the world.


3.            Black men must become the vanguard of their communities. This is necessary to eradicate the invading forces that dismantled the social fabric of the community. They must stop the liquor merchants, foreigners and anyone else who moves into their communities disguised as benevolent entrepreneurs who take valuable resources out of their community.


4.            Black men must become father figures in the lives of black boys who have no father present. The more black boys see positive black men demonstrating acts of kindness, caring, nurturing, and giving to their communities, the more likely they are to practice the same behavior.


5.            Black man must become builders of the community in which they live. It is paramount and prudent that black boys participate in these activities in order to build self-confidence. When black boys see white men building skyscrapers, houses and businesses, they have to wonder what their place is and if they're capable of doing the same thing.


6.            Black men must be proud, responsible and willing to sacrifice for future generations so that black boys may have a better life. Black men must continue to overcome illiteracy in order to combat the social forces that plagued them daily.


7.            Black men must be loving, positive and supportive of their daughters.  They must be shining examples for their daughters so that their example can help their daughters to better understand how to chose a future husband.


8.            Black men must set aside their religious differences and not be limited by religious affiliations. They must understand that we are "our brothers keeper" and that all black men are socially obligated to be the "elders of the village" in which they reside.


9.            Black men must be faithful, honest, God-fearing, supportive, and financially stable before seeking a wife. He must be loving to his wife or partner who deserves a responsible mate.


10.          Black men must communicate and share their feelings with their wives or partner. They must seek positive counsel from those in the community who have demonstrated positive worth. Black men must learn to express their fears and correct their shortcomings so that they may become "whole" and be at peace with themselves.