Innovative Solutions


These comprehensive strategies target African-American youth, particularly black boys in the adolescent phase of their life who struggle with peer pressure and peer acceptance.  The decision to be a leader or a follower at this stage of their development often time impacts their life good, bad or indifferent for years to come.


Learn the tools to empower and enhance the “Power of Positive Thinking” in black boys who have developed a sense of learned helplessness and have become influenced by “popular culture.”


Learn how to develop a “Positive Mental Attitude” in black boys by using techniques which focus on daily affirmations, self-reflection, personal meditation and accountability.


Learn how to develop and build self-esteem in black boys by using the same mental attitude adopted by golf great Tiger Woods and now president Barrack Obama of the United States of America.


Learn how to speak more effectively with youth, improve levels of communication, and identify problems areas of adolescent development while providing positive reality based solutions for getting “at-risk” youth on the right track.


Learn the national trends on what works and why for black boys who finds themselves and their behavior spiraling out of control. 


Learn the value of culture and how it can positively impact the self-esteem of young black boys.


Learn how parental modeling coupled with positive and proactive parenting skills can be the critical mechanism in helping black boys to achieve success. 


Learn how to be empowered as a single parent by fostering creative solutions to help young black boys move past the absence of their biological father.


Learn how to teach resiliency and responsibility through confidence, courage, character, creativity and commitment in black boys.