Ajuma Muhammad is the Founder and Executive Director of Ajuma's Counseling Services, L.L.C. an agency developed to empower youth and their families through individual, family and group counseling services to help them overcome some of their daily challenges. He is also a nationwide motivation speaker and community activist. His appeal is to anyone who will listen and has a genuine concern for youth and the community.


As a devoted husband and loving father of four adult children, he is dedicated to the upliftment of the community through the empowerment of our youth.  This is accomplished through informational lectures, individual counseling, family therapy, positive modeling and by inspiring others to embrace the positive possibilities of life. 


Muhammad studied at several universities:  receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Child Development Technology from Central State University.  He received a Master of Arts degree in Counselor Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Additionally, he has attended several other universities doing post-graduate work toward his doctoral degree atWebster UniversitySt. Louis University and the University of Missouri St. Louis.  He now serves as a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice who contracts with the State of Missouri Department of Children Services to provide mental health services to adolescents. 


To his literary credit, Muhammad is the author of "Understanding the Crisis of the Black Male: A Handbook on Raising Black Boys to be Responsible Black Men."  “101 Proven and Effective Strategies for Empowering Black Boys, (Pre-teen & Teenager) version.


As a Licensed Psychotherapist, Muhammad engages his audiences through experiential learning exercises designed to promote self-awareness, cultural enrichment, positive self-development and personal accountability.  His goal is to empower his audience to move past "mental paralysis" to a more positive realm of human possibility by understanding one's true purpose and goals in life.


Muhammad's extensive travels have taken him throughout Africa, Europe, China, Central America and the Caribbean where the opportunity to meet other people and learn about other cultures has enriched his perspective on life, love and being of service to others.  This enriching experience has allowed him to study, compare and contrast how life in America could be more plausible and poignant for those who are called by a higher purpose in life through service to others.


His style of motivating and encouraging his audience through humor, "hip hop" lingo and experiential learning exercises for teenagers is highly effective.  He is lauded for his tireless efforts in helping African-American teenagers to recognize and realize their unique talents and abilities.  As one local writer states, "Muhammad has positively influenced the lives of more than 30,000 youth during his phenomenal career as a motivator -- and that, in itself, is noteworthy.