About Us

My life and entire professional career has been dedicated to twenty years of service to the African-American community by providing an array of services through the African-American Role Model (AARM)  program designed to empower ‘at-risk’ youth through mentoring, advocacy, community educational forums, cultural enrichment and personal development.


After twenty years of working with African-American youth particularly males, I have developed the AKM cultural based model which emphasizes culture, confidence, character, commitment and creativity toward one’s self, family and community.  


The model focuses on black boys who have been adversely challenged by the absence of their biological father, low self-esteem, peer pressure, popular culture and a myriad of other social problems that threaten the existence and stability of black boys throughout America.


The message is extremely applicable for single parent mothers who often times find themselves raising black boys alone and not fully understanding how they can’t teach a black boy to be a MAN.  Parents must learn the early warning signs when black boys become influenced by popular culture and begin to go in a contrary direction.


Research shows the high correlation of black boys entering into prison who come from single parent households, drop out of high school, join gangs and never fulfill their dreams or their  unique abilities and talents.  We must emphasize to our young men the critical need to complete high school, graduate from college and pursue their dreams of being meaningful contributors to the community.  We must stress to them the value of high self-esteem followed by a commitment to empower the community through their example.


We must join forces and marshal our resources to stem the tide of countless numbers of young black boys who are falling through the cracks of life.  It Takes a Village to Raise a Child!  Let me share with you the AKM concept and how over twenty thousand ‘at-risk’ youth were able to turn their lives around and now serve as meaningful contributors in their respected communities.